Our Team

Ken: Owner

Ken began his career at Vancouver Axle & Frame in 1980. In 1988 Ken took ownership of the company. He brings 30 years experience in the Light Automotive / Commercial Transport Industry. If you want the problem solved, you know you can rely on his expertise. Feel free to “Ask Ken” any questions you may have.

Steve: Senior Technician

Steve began with Vancouver Axle & Frame in 1996. Steve brings hands-on shop floor knowledge to both our employees and our customers. Steve is considered one of the best troubleshooters in our industry, hence his nickname “The Good Doctor”.

Kevin: General Manager

Kevin has 28 years experience in the Transport Industry. Kevin started with Vancouver Axle & Frame in 2002. Kevin is a past president of the Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors (CAFS), and past president of the Canadian Truck Equipment Association (CTEA). If you need information Kevin has the networking to solve any of your problems.

Ron: Foreman

With 25+ years at Van Axle, Ron is an Alignment and Frame repair specialist. He has the experience necessary to diagnose any drivability or alignment issue, and there is no Frame Repair too complex for this technician.

Moe: Service Writer

We welcome Moe, the newest member of our Van Axle team. Moe brings with him 15 years of industry experience in both light, and heavy duty vehicle repairs. He has built positive relationships throughout the industry and hopes to build one with you.


Bob: Sales Manager

Bob has been connecting people and products through technology for more than 30 years. His innovative ability to harness the power of social networks to increase the bottom line has made him a sought after marketing expert. Bob’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.


Robert: Service Manager

As a Service Manager, Robert acts as a liaison between customers and technician’s in making sure that the lines of communication remain open. Robert brings 15 years of experience in the Mechanical Repair and Management industry as well as 5 years working in the US Department of Defence as a Marine Diesel Mechanic.

Customer service is an integral part of Vancouver Axle’s customer value proposition. Implemented feedback loops allow us to capture feedback to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations. Robert strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with our customers.


Jason: Service Advisor

Jason brings with him 20 years’ experience in the Bus & Commercial Trucking Industry. Jason is looking forward to working with our customers to solve their needs.


Shop Staff